20. The Topography of Medieval Ely. Edited by Anne Holton-Krayenbuhl

20. The Topography of Medieval Ely.  Edited by Anne Holton-Krayenbuhl

An edition of several bishop’s surveys and priory rentals from the 13th to the 16th century, including parallel facsimile and translation of the important 1417 survey.

This volume will be of value to all with a general interest in the history of Ely, its inhabitants and their occupations. It provides a rare example of a medieval town survey, and will be a valuable resource for students of tenurial organisation and ecclesiastical lordship in this period. It will be a useful tool for anyone learning medieval Latin.

The 1417 survey is frequently quoted as evidence for the layout of the medieval town. This street-by-street survey is published here for the first time, with a facsimile of one of the five known manuscripts, a translation and reference to the variant readings.

The volume also contains the Ely section of the bishops' thirteenth-century surveys and the sixteenth¬century rentals of Ely priory. The former comprises a description of the boundaries of the bishops' manor of Ely across upland and fen, as well as lists of tenants and their dues. The latter provides considerable detail about priory holdings on the eve of the Dissolution.

Notes on the Transcript. Historical Background, Tenurial Organisation. The Documents.

1. The Thirteenth Century Surveys of the Bishops of Ely - Latin text with English translation.
2. The 1417 Survey - facsimile with English translation.
3. The Sixteenth Century Priory Rentals- Latin text with English translation.

ISBN: 978-0-904323-22-1

Published: 2011

Price: £ 18.00


Introduction. Texts. Bibliography. Index. 4 Maps. 348 pp. Softback..

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Holton-Krayenbuhl, Anne

Anne Holton-Krayenbuhl is a part-time tutor at the University of Cambridge Institute of Continuing Education. Her research on medieval Ely includes archaeological investigations in the buildings of the former priory, published in the Proceedings of the Cambridge Antiquarian Society and in the Archaeological Journal.