OUT OF PRINT The Ordnance Survey Map of Cambridge in 1885 and 1886

The most detailed plans of Cambridge ever published reduced to manageable proportions.

The first Ordnance Survey maps of southern England had been published at the scale of oneinch to one mile in the early 19 century as a military response to the threat of invasion by

Napoleonic France. By 1850 however it was recognised that more detailed and standardised maps showing land use were essential and in 1862 the Ordnance Survey decided to extend surveying at 25 inches to the mile, which had been done for County Durham, to cover the whole country.

The survey of urban Cambridge at this scale was not carried out until 1885/1886. The original maps were published at a scale of

1:500. In this slightly reduced edition the scale is approximately 1:1260 (1 inch to 105 feet).

It shows late 19th century Cambridge in great detail houses shapes, gardens with paths, trees and planting. Streets include lamp posts and drain covers.

The maps are here reprinted at a scale of 1:260.


ISBN: 978 0 904323 19 1

Published: 2005

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Introduction Pamphlet. 60 A 3 sheets with an index sheet. In a folder The three Cambridge maps can be bought together for £19.00, £13.00 for members.