OUT OF PRINT. Cambridge 1574-1904. A Portfolio of Twelve Maps Illustrating the Changing Plan of Cambridge from the sixteenth to the early twentieth century. With an Introduction by Tony Bagg

A useful reference compilation for all students of Cambridge history.

In 1921 J.W. Clark and A. Gray published Old Plans of Cambridge accompanied by a portfolio of maps from 1574 – 1798, but this has long been out of print. This portfolio makes available new copies of most of the original plans and has updated the sequence to the twentieth century. They are intended to show how the city has grown since the first known map of 1574.

Map I. Richard Lyne 1574

Map 2. George Braun 1575

Map 3. William Smith 1588

Map 4. John Hamond 1592

Map 5. John Speed 1610

Map 6A and 6B. David Loggan 1688

Map 7. Plan of Cambridge 1763

Map 8. William Custance 1798

Map 9. Dewhurst and Nichols 1840

Map 10 A and B. W. P. Spalding 1898

Map 11 A and B. The Ordnance Survey 1889

Map 12 A and B. The Ordnance Survey 1904

Booklet introducing the maps.


ISBN: ISBN 0 904323 17 X ; 978 0 904323 17 7 ; OUT OF PRINT

Published: 2002

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Reproductions of twelve historical maps. A3 size in folder. Booklet with notes.